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[INFO] An Additional 150% Expense Deduction on Investment in New Machinery in Thailand for the year 2020


It’s been about three months left in 2020. We would like to remind customers that there is an additional expense deduction on investment in new machinery this year under royal decree no.695, which went into effect on 23 June 2020. These tax benefits aim to improve the economy of the country and to promote investment affected by the COVID-19.



Summary of the Key Requirements


  1. Must have never been used.
  2. The machinery must be ready for use by 21 December 2020.
  3. Must be located in Thailand
  4. The machinery must be subject to wear and tear and depreciation that is deductible under Section 65 Bis (2) of the Revenue Code.
  5. Not subject to tax benefit available for machinery under tax regulation issued according to the Revenue Code, either partly or wholly. 


There are other conditions to meet. Please refer to the document no.695 at the website of Revenue Department.


From issuing such measures, it is expected to increase investment in the private sector by more than 110bilion baht and help the economy to expand by 0.25 percent in order to promote more production potential in the Thai industrial sector.