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[CASTING SIMULATION] New Product Information: ADSTEFAN Ver.2022



What’s New in ADSTEFAN Ver.2022

GPU Mode Support Enhancement:

GPU board will be used not only for outputting graphics reports to a monitor but for calculating the casting simulation analysis with its powerful parallel processing function which makes the calculations dramatically faster than those performed by the CPU. ”GPU Mode” is based on GPGPU (General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units) technology that delivers the high parallel computation ability by accelerating the calculation. In Ver.2022, GPU mode can be used for almost all the functions of fluid flow analysis and solidification analysis which can be expected to speed up in major settings such as high precision fluid flow, consideration of temperature dependence as well as a part of shrinkage cavity analysis.


Example: Computational Time for Fluid Flow Analysis


The figure below shows an example of the computational time required for Fluid Flow Analysis. The target models are commonly used models in die casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting and tilt casting, resulting from a 20-40 million mesh project. The computational time is measured using the High-Precision option, and the total aggregated time of the results of the four models and the average speed-up ratio are shown. The result using the inexpensive GPU card (Quadro P2000) with a single core of a relatively high-speed CPU (Core i9-7900X) is 6.3 times faster, and 16.2 times faster when using the high-speed GPU card (Tesla V100S). Also, when using the Quadro RTX 5000, which is a newer and cheaper GPU card than the Tesla V100S, it increased by 13.7 times.


GPGPU Fluid Flow


Example: Computational Time for Solidification Analysis


GPGPU Benchmark Gravity ModelThe figure below shows an example of the computational time required for Solidification Analysis.
The target model is the gravity casting model used in the ADSTEFAN tutorial, resulting from a 17 million mesh project. The computational time is measured with the analysis conditions of “Temperature Dependence of the material property values” and “Shrinkage prediction (Batch Setting: 6 types without Pseudo Pressure)”. The result with the relatively high-speed CPU (Core i9-7900X) using the inexpensive GPU card (Quadro P2000) is 3.8 times faster. Also, when comparing with the CPU for workstations (Xeon E5-2620 v3) using a high-speed GPU card (Tesla V100S), it was 11.1 times faster.


GPGPU Computational Time Solidification


The GPU mode is based on CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), which is a GPGPU technology developed by NVIDIA, and assumed to be used with NVIDIA hardware. The 64 bit edition of Windows 10 Pro and a GPU card with Compute Capability from 3.0 to 7.5 card are required to use the GPU mode. Please refer to the following link and confirm that the Compute Capability of the GPU card is 3.0 or more and 7.5 or less.


High Quality Image Output:

Smoothed interface shape rendering


ADSTEFAN is based on the finite-difference methods using a cube mesh, and in conventional post processors, inclined surfaces and free-form surfaces are displayed like a stepwise formed mesh. On the other hand, this new function uses volume rendering technology to achieve smooth interface shape rendering.


Various texture


In addition to the color gradation display of physical quantities such as temperature and pressure, the new version also equipped with a metallic texture display function which outputs in silvery white color like molten aluminum alloy, in red glow color like molten iron or in copper alloy color.

Upgrade to ADSTEFAN Ver.2022

Customers under ADSTEFAN annual maintenance support are eligible to use ADSTEFAN version 2022. In order to start using the latest version of ADSTEFAN, the license file in the protect key (HASP) need to be updated.


Upgrade Steps:

  1. Send us the latest C2V file of the protect key (HASP).  It would be helpful if customer use the protect key ID number as the file name. 
    Reference Information >>How to generate C2V file
  2. The latest patch file will be generated based on the sent C2V file. Please save the patch file anywhere in PC which run ADSTEFAN.
    Note: C2V file generation and patch file execution by using Remote Desktop will result in HASP access error.
  3. Run the patch file by double clicking it while the protect key (HASP) inserted to PC. The file inside the protect key (HASP) will be overwritten then ADSTEFAN Ver.2022 license will come to be available.
  4. ADSTEFAN DVD is no longer sent to customer since 2020.  We will provide a download link of the program file to each customer by email. 
  5. Please refer the following post for an information about ADSTEFAN software installation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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