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[CASTING SIMULATION] Using a Casting CAE Software in Thailand

Casting Simulation


Why Do You Need Casting CAE Software by Own or Subscription?


If you work in a foreign subsidiary of global casting manufacturers, probably some people are asking for casting simulation jobs to the counterpart in headquarters. The reasons will be due to the company policy, CAE skill may not be sufficient or avoiding any local responsibility on the layout designing. However there is some benefit to challenge the simulation on its own. We think the following are them.


  1. Quick response for the simulation requirement and you can eliminate your time for negotiating a simulation schedule with your counterpart in headquarter.
  2. Ensure your customers such as OEM or tier one suppliers that you are directly verifying your mold designings by casting simulation. The explanation for the customer will be more convincing by using simulation software results.
  3. Accumulate know-how of the casting trial experience with the CAE software data. You can do as many software simulation trials as you want because nobody tells you that it’s wasting CAE engineering resources in HQ. In fact, you will be able to expect to reduce the actual number of casting trials.
  4. As a staff training tool internally
  5. Equip a new skill – The target skill level is that you can add your skill to your Linkedin account profile with confidence.



What Kind of Data to be Prepared for Casting Simulation?


Unlike 3D CAD software, you don’t have to learn a lot of operation commands. CAE looks so difficult but it’s simple in regards to the software operation. In fact our basic operation training course is only for one day. The key data to be prepared before the simulation is the following. Just import or input them accordingly.


    • Solid 3D STL format (.stl) data including runner, overflow and riser etc. If your 3D CAD software doesn’t support STL file output, you can consider some free software for the data conversion.




If you don’t have any 3D model for runner rayout, one of the ways is to make the 3D model by 3D scanning the casting object then converting from surface model to solid model with the appropriate coordination assigned for the simulation.


    • Cast and mold materials
      Most of the materials are registered in the database of CAE software. You don’t have to worry about the detailed material property.


    • Cast and mold initial temperature
      Casting simulation software needs it as a conditional parameter.


    • Shot speed or filling time
      If you are a diecaster, both high and low speed of the plunger tip are required. if the filling speed is consistent, you may give filling time as a condition.


If you work in a casting factory, you can go and see the casting machine setting for knowing the parameters. As a matter of fact, there are other detailed settings for the simulation but basically the above conditions should be enough to run the simple simulation.
We provide various training for customers and believe that training video clips are one of the best tools to learn the software operation, we keep adding the video clips as the training materials.


Training Movie Example: ADSTEFAN Installation



Casting CAE Software “ADSTEFAN”


We think that ADSTEFAN will be the suitable casting simulation software especially for new starters with the following reason.


  1. User friendly interface in order to shorten the learning curve.
  2. Language switching in four languages (English, Japanese, Thai and Simplified Chinese) for sharing the setting data and experience together.
  3. Auto mesher for Finite-Difference Methods (FDM) in order to reduce the simulation preparation jobs
  4. Very fast solver with fast calculation algorithm. If you notice that some parameter settings need to be amended after checking the simulation result, you will have time to re-run the simulation again.
  5. Wide range of casting methods supporting diecasting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, tilt casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting.
  6. Affordable entry software license price comparing with the other major software


We will support customers to make full use of the casting simulation software, further understanding about the casting as well as achieving to reduce the number of casting trials.





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