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[NDT] Process for Cancelling X-Ray CT Machine License in Thailand

X-ray Machine License Cancellation


Reasons for Requesting a X-ray CT Machine License Cancellation


  1. Resell or forward to anyone wishing to obtain the X-ray/CT product
  2. Processing as an electronic waste
  3. There is an equipment with an activation of radioactivity which is no longer used
  4. Export to the other country 
  5. Others, such as moving to a new installation location



Required documents for the X-ray CT Machine License Cancellation


  1. Cancellation of registration request (use อ. 1/8 request) 1 copy
  2. Documents showing machine registration (ร. 2/1), the holder of the title.
  3. Return the number plate of the machine or the notification that the number plate is missing.  
  4. Copy of the juristic person registration certificate from Ministry of Commerce issued not more than 3 months up to the date of receiving the request (if the owner is a juristic person)
  5. Copy of house registration and ID card of the person signing the request
  6. In the case that the holder of the machine is entitled to Individuals without spouse, the person can process it alone (DIW-07-AP-FG-08)
  7. In case of having a spouse, must have spouse’s consent letter (DIW-07-AP-FG-07) with a copy of marriage certificate, a copy of ID card and a copy of house registration of the person giving consent
  8. Power of attorney (DIW-07-AP-FG-06), in case of assigning an agent with 30 baht duty stamp, together with a copy of ID card, copy of house registration of the attorney (if any)
  9. No cancellation registration fees



Steps for Requesting a X-ray CT Machine License Cancellation



Go to the website of the Department of Industrial Works 

And go to the Central Machinery Registration Office in section a. Then select the request to cancel the important document in section b. and download the cancellation request document (by using the request Form อ. 1/8) in section c.





After prepared documents for the request to cancel the machine license with the number plate of machine registration, submit at Central Office for machine registration at the following address:

 75/6 Rama 6 Rd., Rajathevi District, Bangkok 10400 Phone 0 2202 4068-71


Note: please check the machine to be canceled if it’s attached to the mortgage or not.






Information in this document as of March, 2020.