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[CASTING SIMULATION] New Product Information: ADSTEFAN Ver.26



What’s New in ADSTEFAN Ver.26

Optimization Analysis Software Integration:

New function to perform optimization analysis (CAO, Computer Aided Optimization) is now introduced. By installing the optimization software “fxLooper*1” on the PC using ADSTEFAN, customers can now perform optimization analysis from the ADSTEFAN GUI. In addition, if the CAD software “SOLIDWORKS*2” is installed on the same PC, shape optimization is also available.


*1 fxLooper is a trademark of Anotherworker Co., Ltd. To use this feature, customers must purchase “fxLooper” (version 3 or later) separately.
*2 SOLIDWORKS is a registered trademark of Dassault Systemes Solidworks Corporation. Customers must purchase “SOLIDWORKS” (version 2022 or later) separately to perform shape optimization.


■Dedicated GUI Brings Optimization Analysis Closer

With fxLooper specialized GUI, it is now possible to easily perform an optimization analysis from setting optimization conditions to the execution.


■Image of Optimization

Below is a picture of the optimization image for minimizing shrinkage porosity in the product section by changing the shape of the riser and chiller.



The above figure shows the result of finding the conditions under which a healthy product (= no shrinkage occurs in the product part) can be obtained as a result of the optimization analysis performed by changing the shape of the riser and the chill. It is desirable for both the riser and the chill to be small, but there is a trade-off in which both require a certain size to produce a healthy product.
By understanding the range in which a healthy product can be obtained from the diagram above, customers can further narrow down the optimal conditions at the site from other perspectives, such as yield and formability.


Parametric Analysis:

“Parametric Analysis Function” is introduced which automatically creates and executes multiple analysis projects by specifying the range of analysis conditions in advance. This not only saves the time required for operations compared to manual operations, but also reduces human errors such as configuration errors and unintentional overwriting of existing projects.


■Easy Setting and Automatic Execution of Analysis Condition Parameters

Previously, when analyzing multiple projects in which casting conditions such as inflow rate and temperature were changed, it was necessary to manually change analysis conditions and save under a different name, then run the analysis for each project.


Conventional Operation


On the other hand, “Parametric Analysis” realizes fully automatic operation after creating a template project data and specifying its data range and number of samples.


Parametric Analysis Operation


Particle Method Analysis GUI and Other Performance Improvements and Functional Enhancements:

A dedicated GUI has been developed in Ver. 26 for the Particle Method Analysis which was implemented as a new simulation method from Ver. 2021. In addition to “Normal Particle Method Mode” which is equivalent to Ver. 2022 (Ver. 25), equipped with “Centrifugal Casting Mode” that improves the accuracy of mold shape approximation by automatically generating the particle arrangement in the cylindrical coordinate system.


■Dedicated GUI
Up to Ver.25, particle method analysis used the existing mesh generation function, analysis condition setting screen, and marker function to set analysis conditions and display results. In Ver.26, the dedicated GUI for particle method analysis improves convenience and enables faster display of analysis results.


GUI for Particle Method Analysis


■Normal Particle Method Mode
This mode performs Particle Method analysis using the conventional ADSTEFAN Fluid Flow / Solidification Analysis conditions with the same functionality as the Particle Method up to Ver.25.


■Centrifugal Casting Mode
Dedicated setting screen is introduced for the Centrifugal Casting process in Ver.26. Mold particles in a cylindrical coordinate system are automatically generated, which enables high shape approximation accuracy in the Particle Method Analysis.


In addition, Ver.26 implements improvements to the mesh correction function and ADPT function.


Upgrade to ADSTEFAN Ver.26

Customers under ADSTEFAN annual maintenance support are eligible to use ADSTEFAN version 26. In order to start using the latest version of ADSTEFAN, the license file in the protect key (HASP) need to be updated.


Upgrade Steps:

  1. Send us the latest C2V file of the protect key (HASP).  It would be helpful if customer use the protect key ID number as the file name. 
    Reference Information >>How to generate C2V file
  2. The latest patch file will be generated based on the sent C2V file. Please save the patch file anywhere in PC which run ADSTEFAN.
    Note: C2V file generation and patch file execution by using Remote Desktop will result in HASP access error.
  3. Run the patch file by double clicking it while the protect key (HASP) inserted to PC. The file inside the protect key (HASP) will be overwritten then ADSTEFAN Ver.26 license will come to be available.
  4. ADSTEFAN DVD is no longer sent to customer since 2020.  We will provide a download link of the program file to each customer by email. 
  5. Please refer the following post for an information about ADSTEFAN software installation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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