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[NDT] X-ray CT Inspection Product Information:
YXLON Cheetah EVO / Cougar EVO

Cheetah EVO Cougar EVO
Multifocus X-ray Tube:

Nano-focus, micro-focus and high-power mode can be selected by software. A wide range of non-destructive testings are available such as magnified observations like using microscope with a high magnification of up to 384,000 times as well as PCB inspections inside cases that require stronger X-ray penetration. And also, there is a dose mode available for X-ray sensitive electronic components to reduce the dose rate with a filter or collimator.
Superb Laminographic Image

Image by laminography: Voids inside BGA bumps at high magnification


A large size of 162x162mm in its class and high-sensitivity detector is available to select which is very convenient, for example, viewing a large field of images in a PCB and then moving onto a local observation. In addition, the detector is radiation resistant and has a long lifetime.


ORIX1616 (162x162mm) FPD

New Detector:Field of view by ORYX1616 (162x162mm)


Applications of the Inspection: 
Programming the workflow automates a series of continuous inspections as well as auto void detection and auto judgment inside the BGA bump are available which improves the efficiency of the non-destructive inspection reporting.
In addition, a reflow simulator can be mounted on an inspection stage in the X-ray cabinet as an option.


Reflow Simulator

Reflow Simulator: Live X-ray monitoring of the soldering process


How YXLON Cheetah EVO Works

In some parts of the video, the old model and small detector are used, but the general mechanism of the system is the same as the new model.



YXLON Cheetah EVO – English

YXLON Cougar EVO – English


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