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[3D SCANNER] New Product Information : Tracker-Free and Marker-Free Portable 3D Laser Scanner


Saving the Preparation Time:

MarvelScan equips a positioning camera on top of the device which detects the positioning and posture therefore it allows to start 3D scanning job immediately without placing positioning targets on the workpieces. The scanner does not require any spraying even on black and glossy surfaces.


Scanning Speed:

22 blue laser lines for standard mode capture the point data at 1,350,000 measurements/s.


Additional Function: 

MarvelScan has an unique function “hole flash capture” which captures multiple hole coordination and hole center data immediately.


How MarvelScan Works


MarvelScan captures fine detail 3D data thanks to the blue laser technology. (See the video)



3D Scanner Model: MarvelScan
Scanning Mode Standard Mode Fine Mode
Measurement Rate 1,350,000 measurements/s 600,000 measurements/s
Scanning Area Up to 600x550mm
Light Source 22 Blue Laser Lines + Extra Single Blue Laser Line + Extra 5 Parallel Blue Laser Lines
Laser Class Class II (eye-safe)
Resolution Up to 0.02mm
Accuracy Up to 0.02mm Up to 0.01mm
Independent Built-In Photogrammetry Volumetric Accuracy 0.02mm/m
AVE. Deviation 0.007mm/m
Depth of field 600mm-5000mm
Volumetric Accuracy Marker-Free 0.05+0.02mm/m
With Markers 0.02+0.035mm/m
With Independent Built-In Photogrammetry 0.02+0.02mm/m
With Photoshot 0.02+0.015mm/m
Hole Accuracy Up to 0.03mm
Hole Volumetric Accuracy Marker-Free 0.06+0.02mm/m
With Markers 0.03+0.035mm/m
With Independent Built-In Photogrammetry 0.03+0.02mm/m
With Photoshot 0.03+0.015mm/m
Stand-off Distance 350mm 150mm
Depth of field 450mm 150mm
Depth of field(@Furthest Range) 550mm
Weight 1.3kg
Dimension (LxWxH) 300x130x75mm
Portable CMM Optional
Repeatibility 0.03mm
Measurement Rate 60Hz



MarvelScan – English


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