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Easy Full-Color 3D Scanning by Hand without Requiring Jig Fixtures

GO!SCAN 3D captures 3D data in full color. The scanner with the self-positioning system let anyone can use without requiring any prior experience or background by the virtual guidance. If the workpiece has some geometries or colors, the scanning can be performed without putting some positioning targets on which is very convenient.

PRODUCT 3D Measuring Equipment: GO!SCAN 3D

HandySCAN 3D [NEW]

High Precision 3D Scanning by Hand without Requiring Jig Fixtures

New HandySCAN BLACK series has been released since 2019 which features: 1) 3D data capturing of fine details with high resolution thanks to improved high performance optics and multiple blue laser technology., 2) No power splay requirement any more as new 3D scanner capture shining surface., 3) Not only 3D scanning speed but data processing speed is also faster which dramatically improves the productivity associating with 3D measurement and inspection.


Our Impression:

This compact handy type 3D scanner is light weighted less than 1kg therefore the operator does not feel heavy even using for a long time. Nevertheless, it enables 3D measurement inspection with high-accuracy 25micron. Jigs for fixing the workpiece are not required therefore the preparation time before the measurement is minimized. Furthermore usually operators starts using this 3D scanner after two to three hours training. Customer tend to use this 3D scanner proactively thanks to its convenience.

PRODUCT 3D Measuring Equipment: HandySCAN 3D

MetraSCAN 3D

High Precision 3D Scanning at Shop-Floor without Requiring Positioning Targets

MetraSCAN 3D supports the inspection for manufacturing tools, jigs, semi-assembled / assembled works and finished goods in the shop-floor. The operator will be able to respond faster to the quality control (QC) requirements without compromising the manufacturing throughput. Furthermore, an optional probing system can be used together as a contact measurement inspection.

PRODUCT 3D Measuring Equipment: MetraSCAN 3D


Transform the existing CMM to Non-contact 3D Measurement System

Non-contact scanning probe capture the large amount of measurement point data (point cloud) than contract probes. The scanner can measure a workpiece without being concerned about its color tone or glossiness. As the usual CMM operation, programmings allows to automate a series of jobs from measurement to report creation. Furthermore, new probe, SurfaceMeasure 201FS, achieves scanning error of 1.8μ which is overwhelming specs in non-contact 3D measurement.

PRODUCT 3D Measuring Equipment: Non-Contact 3D Scanning Probe for CMM

Absolute Arm

A first in the world of portable measuring arms

Absolute Arm’s value lies in its versatility. Portability, stability, light weight and high-performance laser scanners. Absolute Arm does not require warm-up time or initialization. Thanks to a stable carbon fiber structure and industry leading Absolute encoders, simply take the measuring arm to the part, switch it on and start a high-precision measuring.

PRODUCT 3D Measuring Equipment: Portable Arm CMM