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[NDT] Learning myVGL 2022.1 Basics within 10 minutes

Video link:


myVGL 2022.1 is a new version of free CT viewer software provided by Volume Graphics. We made a basic tutorial video for everyone to be able to use it. The explanation in the video is in Thai but you can watch it with English or Japanese subtitles.

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Changing subtitle font, background and size:

iOS: Settings→Accessibility→Subtitles & Captioning→Style

Android OS and PC: Setting in YouTube


What is myVGL?

myVGL is a free CT data viewer software provided by Volume Graphics GmbH.
Volume Graphics provides various CT analysis and visualization software such as VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO as well as VGMETROLOGY. If you are in the casting industry, myVGL will be one of the best tools to evaluate the as-cast part quality by CT scanning in a non-destructive testing process. Please be noted that myVGL is just a viewer software which is unable to create a new project data from CT scanning. The project data has to be created by VGSTUDIO MAX or VGSTUDIO in advance.


Where to Download myVGL?

The download link is as below.


The system requirements for myVGL 2022.1


OS Recommended:

Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit

Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64 bit

macOS Big Sur 11.3.1


CPU Recommended:

Latest Intel or AMD multi-core processors, e.g., Intel® Core™ i7 or Xeon® E5 processors with 2.4GHz or higher.


RAM Recommended:

The official document for myVGL is a minimum of 2 GB memory. However sometimes even 4GB was not sufficient depending on the CT project data in our experience with casting customers.