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[CASTING CONSULTANCY] HPDC Gating System Design Service

We will design the gating system and provide its 3D model when customers need it.


Information for Customer to Prepare As Much As Possible

3D data of product part

– It’s the best if both as-cast and machining 3D model data are available

2D drawing

– In order for us to understand the quality specification

– This information is very important for understanding how the product is going to be used and its purpose of the function and shape.

The size of the casting machine

– Grasp the approximate sleeve length and the tip diameter that can be used

Fixed platen drawing

Information if any vacuum valves are available, the types of valves in use



Our Services and Deliverables

3D modeling with the gating system design

– We will create a couple of layouts in 3D CAD data such as STEP file which includes a biscuit to overflows and does not include chill vent.

Casting simulation result

– We will also perform the casting simulation for the above 3D models.


– Sharing about our thoughts in the designings.


– Since it varies greatly depending on the model, we will make the service estimation from the information that customer prepared.







Casting Consultant

Engaged in the automobile and motorcycle part casting process for 15 years at a major Japanese casting manufacturer. Currently, as a casting technology consultant, the professional service includes planning of new products, mold concept, reducing the defect ratio of existing mass-production products, and shortening the production cycle time for aluminum and magnesium alloy die castings. Customers are in the casting industry and automobile and motorcycle OEMs in the Asian region.