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ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation software provided by Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd and now has many user bases, especially in Japan.  Actually there are lots of simulation result views available therefore we made a movie of casting simulation results and uploaded it on our YouTube Channel.  Some brief explanations in each result can be watched by subtitles. We would be very happy if it would be helpful for current users who are using casting simulation software to make maximum use of it as well as customers who consider implementing it to understand the simulation output.


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Casting Simulation Results in the Movie


Fluid Flow Analysis
00:15 Molten Metal Temperature fmatt3d
00:23 Molten Metal Filling Ratio fmat3d
00:32 Marker fmark3d_0N
00:41 Gate Color fgcc3d
00:50 Filling Occupancy by Gate fgcc3d_c00N
01:07 Flow Arrival Time from Gate fgcc3d_f00N
01:25 Molten Metal Flow Amount fflw3d
01:34 Filling Velocity fvel3d
01:42 Filling Velocity Vector fvelx, fvely, fvely
01:51 Molten Metal Pressure fprs3d
02:00 Material Presence Time fptim3d
02:09 Molten Metal Vorticity fedy3d
02:17 Air Contacting Time fctim3d
02:26 Solid Fraction fsol3d
02:35 Residual Air Ratio fair3d
02:44 Residual Air Volume femp3d
02:52 Air Pressure faprs3d
03:01 Maximum Air Pressure fpair3d
03:10 Entrained Air Volume fgasz3d
03:19 Cold Shut Defect Prediction fcls3d
03:27 Mold Temperature fmold3d
03:45 Mold Surface Maximum Temperature fmtmp3d
03:54 Filling End Time fftim3d
Advanced Defect Prediction Tool
04:06 Flowmark Frequency
04:15 Cold Shut Frequency
04:24 Misrun Frequency
Solidification Analysis
04:37 Solidification Progress ssolid3d
04:45 Solid Fraction ssol3d
04:54 Casting Temperature stemp3d
05:01 Temperature Gradient sgrad3d
05:10 Temperature Gradient Vector sgradv
05:18 Cooling Speed scool3d
05:27 Cooling Speed Tl-Ts scoolls3d
05:35 Transit Time of Critical Solid Fraction ssolfs3d
05:44 NIYAMA Parameter spore3d
05:52 Degree of Soundness svfs3d
06:01 Mold Surface Temperature smolds3d
06:09 Mold Temperature smold3d
06:26 Maximum Mold Temperature smoldmtmp3d
06:43 Solidification Starting Time ssolst3d
06:52 Solidification Ending Time ssolend3d
Moving Object
07:04 Rotation and Horizontal Moves
07:21 Vertical Move