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[CASTING SIMULATION] New Product Information: ADSTEFAN Version 2020


Advanced Defect Prediction Tool (ADPT)

This function is the newly released tool which predicts the defect using a machine learning.
The tool makes Defect Prediction Database which contains some patterns or rules made by machine learning process using the learning data from the actual defect information and related analysis results. Then ADPT will predict the defect probability for the new project using the database.
ADPT models the features which humans cannot find then objectively evaluate the defects which has been conventional challenges in matching and interpreting the results. In addition, modeling the feature allows to predict the impact of changing the casting conditions or the defect probability in similar new products.
ADPT is supposed to be released as an optional module. However the version 2020 is released as a limited function therefore it requires no additional optional contract.




Enhancement of Moving Object Function


The second rotation axis and integrated movement of multiple materials in Moving Object such as ladle and mold are supported which helps more accurately analyze the molten temperature and behavior during the fluid flow process. This function allows the analysis in special applications such as in tilt casting by combining the current parameter settings.


2axis rotation exmple



Upgrade to ADSTEFAN Ver.2020

Customers under ADSTEFAN annual maintenance support are eligible to use ADSTEFAN version 2020. In order to start using the latest version of ADSTEFAN, the license file in the protect key (HASP) need to be updated.


Upgrade Steps:

  1. Send us the latest C2V file of the protect key (HASP).  It would be helpful if customer use the protect key ID number as the file name. 
    Reference Information >>How to generate C2V file
  2. The latest patch file will be generated based on the sent C2V file. Please save the patch file anywhere in PC which run ADSTEFAN. 
  3. Run the patch file by double clicking it while the protect key (HASP) inserted to PC. The file inside the protect key (HASP) will be overwritten then ADSTEFAN Ver.2020 license will come to be available.
  4. ADSTEFAN DVD is no longer sent to customer from this year.  We will provide a download link of the program file to each customer by email. 
  5. Please refer the following post for an information about ADSTEFAN Ver.2020 software installation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.