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ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation software provided by Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.  The installation tutorial video has been updated and uploaded on our YouTube Channel. The explanation is in Thai language but you can watch with English subtitles.

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Changing subtitle font, background and size:

iOS: Settings→Accessibility→Subtitles & Captioning→Style

Android OS and PC: Setting in YouTube



What does ADSTEFAN mean?


The name ADSTEFAN has its origin in “Stefan Study Group”, a collaborative initiative between industry and academia at Tohoku University led by Prof. Eisuke Niyama and Prof. Koichi Anzai.  “Stefan” refers to Austrian physicist known for the Stefan-Boltzmann Law, Josef Stefan(1825-1893), whose name the group borrowed in recognition of his work such as a founder of the solidification analysis by studying ice solidification.  The technology from the study group’s research had transferred to Hitachi in order to commercialize as a software. Then, the letters AD, for “advanced” were added to produce the name ADSTEFAN. 



System Requirements for ADSTEFAN


For ADSTEFAN version 2021,


OS :


Windows 10 Pro x64

Windows 10 Pro x86


Graphic board: OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Network board: Shall be enabled.





ADSTEFAN Product Information: