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[3D SCAN] Trade-in Program and CereScan Discount Offer



We regularly share some information which we think is beneficial for customers. This time, we are pleased to inform our customers about a trade-in program and its exciting offer. Take advantage of our new trade-in program and we are offering an attractive discount on the CereScan – a lightweight, smart handheld, blue laser 3D scanner made by ZG Technology, a part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


Feature of CereScan

3D Scanning Speed and Precision are the Industry Highest Level

This new 3D scanner has the fast scanning speed up to 2,480,000 measurements per second along with a larger scanning area up to 600 x 550mm resulting in higher inspection productivity. Needless to say, the user does not have to spend the time-consuming pre-work preparations such as spraying and post-work cleanings, even on black and glossy surfaces, eliminating the need to get their hands dirty. CereScan uses blue laser technology to acquire high-precision 3D data up to 0.01mm in Fine Mode enabling users to precisely capture the shape and dimensions of objects.

Mini-size and lightweight 3D Scanner

CereScan is a compact 3D scanner designed with a shorter camera distance that allows blue lasers to access tight spots like pockets and narrow areas, previously difficult to scan. The new smaller size 3D scanner offers enhanced usability for diverse 3D measurement applications.

Wireless 3D Scanning for the On-site Convenience

CereScan comes with a wireless battery box as a standard package providing users with increased convenience. The users are able to bring CereScan in different locations without requiring a search for a power outlet. Consequently, there is no need to bring an extension power cable in order to use the 3D scanner on the factory shop floor.

How CereScan works


Trade-In Program

• Trade-in any brand of non-contact 3D scanner
• Order confirmation by 31 October 2023

The Offer
• Special discount for a new 3D scanner, CereScan
• PC workstation is not included
• 3D Inspection software is not included

CereScan Specification

Model CereScan
Measurement Rate-Standard Mode 2,480,000 measurements/s
Measurement Rate-Fine Mode 1,250,000 measurements/s
Scanning Area Up to 600×550mm
Laser Source Class Ⅱ (Eye Safe) 26 blue laser lines+extra single blue laser line+extra 7 blue laser lines
Resolution Up to 0.02mm
Accuracy-Standard Mode Up to 0.02mm
Accuracy-Fine Mode Up to 0.01mm
Volumetric Accuracy-Standard Mode 0.015+0.035mm/m
Volumetric Accuracy+Photoshot Max 0.015+0.015mm/m
Volumetric Accuracy+Scale Bar 0.015+0.02mm/m
Stand-off Distance-Standard Mode 300mm
Stand-off Distance-Fine Mode 150mm
Depth of Field-Standard Mode 450mm
Depth of Field-Fine Mode 150mm
Depth of Field-Furthest Mode 550mm
Weight 0.65kg
Dimension 215×95×45mm
Connection Standard USB 3.0
Working Temperature -10~40℃
Working Humidity(Non-condensing) 10%~90%
Export Format .asc,.stl,.obj,.ply,.txt,.xyz and etc. Customized services available
Compatible Softwares 3D Systems(Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks), Dassault
Systems(CATIAV5 and SolidWorks), PTC(Pro/ENGINEER), Autodesk(Inventor,
Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage), Siemens(NX and Solid Edge) etc.
Patents CN106228603B、CN208174805U、CN111486801B、CN212539085U、CN106767895B、



The trade-in program will expire on 31/10/2023


CereScan – English


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