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[NDT] Import License for Industrial X-ray Inspection Equipments in Thailand

X-ray Import License in Thailand


Companies that intend to import X-ray inspection equipment into Thailand need to have an import license issued by Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP). Here is the summary of the application.


■ Where to apply
Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP)


■ Application process
The following documents must be prepared:
1. Application for Import License of Radiation Generators
2. Copy of company certificate
3. Power of attorney
4. Copies of national ID cards of both the authorized person (in the case of a power of attorney) and the company representative.


Bring the documents in person at Office of Atoms for Peace (One Stop Service) Online application is not available as of August 2023


■ How long does it take
The processing time will be within 45 days from the date of submission of documents.


■ License Fee Rate
A License Import of Radiation Generators

License Fee Rate (Baht)
Type 1 radiation generator 2,000 baht per copy
Type 2 radiation generator 1,000 baht per copy
Type 3 radiation generator 500 baht per copy


■ Radiation Generator Classification

Radiation Generator Type Example of Radiation Generator Classification
(very dangerous)
・Particle accelerators for medical radiation therapy for people or animals
・Particle accelerators for industrial irradiation
・Particle accelerators for research, including radiation generators synchrotron
・Particle accelerators for customs clearance
・Industrial radiography x-ray machine
・Stationary X-ray machines including Fluoroscopy machines, Tomography and Chiropractic radiography
・X-ray machine for analysis (in partially closed form)
・Computed tomography machine
・X-ray mammography machine
・Specialized X-ray machines such as Cardiac Catheterization, Digital Subtraction, Angiography, etc.
・Dental x-ray machine
・X-ray machine for measuring bone density
・X-ray machine for animals
・Portable X-rays
(unlikely to be dangerous)
・X-ray machine for checking bags
・X-ray machine for closed analysis


■ Clarification of the above classification
Through some discussions with OAP


● For the category type of radiation generator, OAP staff will re-evaluate when they receive the document.
● Industrial radiography X-ray fluoroscopy equipment such as X-ray for hospital and X-ray for Industrial which is partially closed in the cabinet belongs type 2 however Comet Yxlon X-ray fluoroscopy inspection equipment (RT) with a closed cabinet belongs type 3
● Computed tomography (CT) inspection equipment for analysis which is partially closed in the cabinet such as a CT scan tunnel in the hospital belongs type 2, however CT inspection equipment like Comet Yxlon CT equipment mainly in the factories with a closed cabinet belongs type 3.


Thank you to the OAP staff who explained the above for us.


■ More Detail
You can download a license/requisition request form or use a radiation generator. Follow the link at Office of Atoms for Peace