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Inline Wheel X-ray Inspection System YXLON MU231

The Most Successful Inline X-ray System in Its Class:
The best seller inspection machine which has installed over 250 systems worldwide automates the X-ray inspection process for alloy wheels.


Fully Automated X-ray Inspection without Operator

Wheel ManipulatorAutomatic Mode:


This mode requires the use of Y.AI software which performs an automatic testing of the X-ray image according to the customer’s specifications. All wheels are loaded automatically to the manipulator and the inspection is done by using a stored inspection program. At each test position, the rotation of the wheel starts automatically that is done by the software.

Automatic Wheel Recognition System:


The different types of wheels can be lined up on the infeed conveyor. The system identifies wheel type and mold code at the same time. Wheels are automatically identified according
to the predefined parameter by using automatic mode.

Exit Shuttle Three Way Sorter

Outlet conveyor with three-way sorter:


After completion of the inspection cycle, the wheel is moved into the output shuttle and transported towards the exit port of the cabinet where it is pushed onto another conveyor system. The wheel is moved into a specific direction according to the inspection decision.


How YXLON MU231 Works


Specification by YXLON MU231 Models

Y.MU231 Y.MU231 XL
Inspection items
Wheels: 4J x 12″ to 12J x 20″ 4J x 12″ to 12J x 24″
Height, incl. sprue (max.) 350 mm 400 mm
Diameter (max.) 550 mm 650 mm
Maximum Energy 450kV 450kV
Weight (max.) 30 kg 50 kg
Focal spot 0.4 mm / 1.0 mm 0.4 mm / 1.0 mm
Inspection item temperature 5° C – 100° C 5° C – 100° C
X-ray system
Model Y.TU160-D05
Tube voltage 8 kV – 160 kV
Tube current (max. at 160 kV) 6,25 mA
Power output (max.) 1.000 W
Focal-spot size (EN12543) 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm
Radiation-shielded cabinet
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3,150 mm x 2,300 mm x 2,400 mm 4,500 mm x 2,250 mm x 2,800 mm
Service doors 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm
Leaded-glass pane 400 mm x 600 mm 400 mm x 600 mm
Weight 7,500 kg 7,000 kg
Connection height conveyor system 800 mm 800 mm
Connection values
Environmental temperature 5° C – 35° C
Air humidity (max.) 80%, not condensing
Power connection 3 N PE 400 VAC +10% – 15%, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption 4.5 Kw
Compressed air 4,000 l/h, min. 5 hPa



YXLON MU231 – English

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